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If the employer has reasonable concerns about the adequacy of the medical evidence, it can legitimately request further and better evidence from the employee. Cep, local 1-s and sasktel, a union member suffering from a depression was fired for his inability to follow management orders and to get along with his fellow employees accommodating individuals with. (c) collective agreement rights outside the bargaining unit if the only reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee is a placement in a non-bargaining unit position, is an employee entitled to request this. Thus, the availability of post-discharge evidence in alcohol and drug abuse cases, as well as in the post-termination revelation of a disability, appears to remain in place. And soldier s memorial hospital, arbitration boards have taken a more cautious approach to applying the human rights code to employment benefits. , the arbitrator disagreed with the trend expressed in re toronto hospital, stating that: the foundation of the company s case is that there is no longer an employment relationship because the grievor is not fulfilling his part of the employment contract which is to attend for work accommodating individuals with. To prove that its accommodation efforts were serious and conscientious, an employer by law is required to engage in a three step process: first, determine if the employee can perform his or her existing job as it is. Nor have arbitrators allowed grievances where employees seeking an accommodation have requested the opportunity to bump more senior employees. Arbitrator allan hope in re alcan smelters and chemicals ltd. Consistent with the supreme court of canada s direction in o malley, central alberta dairy pool, and renaud, the initial burden is upon the employer to reasonably accommodate the employee s mental or physical disability. The emerging law on human rights and accommodation are not always easy to understand and apply, but the courts, labour arbitrators and human rights tribunals are very clear that there is no turning back. The arbitration board ruled that: even if the [human rights] code does not apply to a dismissal which occurred before a handicap is known, this legislation would apply to a refusal to reinstate the complainant once the disability has been revealed.

(v) disability discovered only after termination on occasion, an employer, and even an employee, will be unaware of the prevalence of a disability until after the employee s termination for apparently culpable reasons. The grievor, on the other hand, was subject to automatic termination due to his innocent absence as a result of a handicap. Similarly, in community unemployed help centre, an employee was terminated because of her ongoing absences due to illness. The arbitrator concluded that an employer s primary obligation is to attempt to accommodate an employee in her or his own job. In its award, it stated that the undue hardship standard: does not require that an employer act as a placement officer or create a new position expressly for the disabled employee comprising new duties that were previously non-existent and that do not suit its need. The arbitration board applied its authority to interpret the ontario human rights code, as provided for in section 48(12)(j) of the labour relations act, 1995. However, in its application it is not neutral because it has an adverse impact on a group protected by the code, i. However, depending on the undue hardship factors, it might not be required to offer these same duties where it is a matter of accommodating an employee on a permanent basis. Where the very reason why the grievor was absent, and thus the very reason why the grievor was subject to automatic termination under art. However, the arbitrator went on to say that:. (vi) what kind of medical evidence can an employer require. On the other hand, arbitrators have not generally granted super-seniority rights to disabled employees, so as to allow them a greater claim to work than more senior employees.

The most recent word on the subject strongly suggests that a bargaining unit position, because of the collective agreement protection it offers, is an important job benefit, and is not to be lightly interfered with. (ii) (b) accommodation, seniority and bumping recent awards have stated that a disability does not entitle an employee with an illness or injury to displace an incumbent, despite having greater seniority, unless the collective agreement specifically permits such bumping. He had been fired following a long history of poor performance, lack of response to criticism, and baffling behaviour.dadd dads against daughters dating.
. And in re ontario english catholic teachers association, the issue was whether the employer could place the employee in a lower-paid position as part of the accommodation. A number of earlier decisions ruled that work days lost because of a disability cannot adversely affect an employee s benefit rights that accumulate with growing seniority, despite the limiting language in a collective agreement. She was terminated because she was absent from work. While the law is not consistent in this area, the majority view of labour arbitrators is that seniority is an important job interest. The grievor, because of his illness, cannot be placed in a better position than other employees who commit similar offences. On the issue of whether the seniority provisions of a collective agreement can be overridden so as to give a disabled employee a greater claim to work than more senior employees, the dust is still settling. , the arbitration board ruled that the duty might require an employer to offer modified duties (i. In re riverdale hospital and re municipality of metropolitan toronto, the arbitration boards both held that bargaining unit boundaries may amount to a discriminatory barrier under the human rights legislation. .

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