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If it s god s will, you taking a stand and not dating that person will not alter the will of god. The reason why the bible doesn t have anything against dating non-christians is because there was no dating during the time the bible was written. But don t try to rationalize it from the bible believers dating unbelievers. Because they like you they will concur with what you say, or go along with it. In every instance where the believer took a stand and said i can t date you til you re saved , that nonbeliever went on to receive the holy spirit whether months or years later, and came back to that person and the two were married. Some may be un-belivers and some may not be believers dating unbelievers. But the problem comes when he respects them sheerly because they are my beliefs. Now before anyone starts to get offended by what i have jsut posted this is not the rule. I m not saying it can t happen, but i ve heard of very few cases where it does. That s what dating a non-christian ultimately is. But don t try to rationalize your disobedience. If you want to date a non-believer, then that is your choice. And to pray for guidance often   us-republican learning from the experience of friends who have dated unbelievers, i couldn t wish the terrible situations they went through on anybody.

But when things start getting really serious in the relationship you ll find that you will be the one who has to lead spiritually or else give up even trying at all. Well, he thinks it s completely bogus, although he never said that to me. One of the top issues is this, we know love because god first loved us. I never realized how hard it would be, tbh. Because we will start to take on their ways of life. Then there s the problem of saving them and breaking up.   non-denom i m going to step in here and add my two cents. They can t, unspiritual minds cannot discern spiritual things that are revealed only by the indwelling of christ. Don t think that god will save someone at your own convenience. You re counting on their decision before they make it. But there s no way we can continue without a deeper understanding. Well the more that you hang out with your friends the more that you take on their atributes/characteristics. For those that went ahead and married the unbeliever, only 1 that i know of received christ after they got married.

In addition to this, as a christian, what is the absolute most important thing in your life (or should be, and what should be ever becoming more important). Everyone is different, but personally i believe you should just try to be safe in this area and not jepordize your faith over something like this. The bible says they turned his heart away from to deal with teenagers dating.
. Is there another legitimate god-honoring reason.   in relationship all that i can tell you right now it to never ever date a non-beliver if you are a christian. You have the choice to obey or disobey christ. It s not worth all the pain and heartache it brings. The deeper you get with the person the harder it will be give it up, and then you will be in an even bigger confliction over whether or not you should break up with them. Because you re in a romantic relationship with the person and are dating them, you simply can t minister to them the same way you could if you weren t involved with them like that. Maybe he thought he could bring these women to god.   married i m going through this now, actually. So we re trying to talk through everything. .

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Common questions about christian dating.
believers dating unbelievers

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