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She goes against her mother’s wishes, moves in with the van der woodsens and learns the perks of being part of the new york elite. Chuck bass: chuck bass is the show’s resident bad boy and king of excess. She becomes the ultimate social climber changing her looks and behavior to impress her role model blair waldorf and get into the fashion world. Jonathan whitney: jonathan is eric van der woodsen’s boyfriend for most of the series chuck bass and vanessa dating. Other characters: georgina sparks: the ultimate villain, georgina sparks is a former classmate of blair and serena’s who always caused trouble. Although dan originally served as a somewhat more moral voice of reason, his role shifts as him and his family become more entangled in drama of the upper east side. He cheats on his longtime girlfriend blair waldorf with her best friend serena van der woodsen and has several affairs with older women. Over the course of the seasons, he ends up getting back together with his old flame lily van der woodsen. Although he does not have much smarts, his looks and family connections get him anything he wants. She no longer goes to school with them, but makes appearances throughout the series to cause mischief and scheme. Serena van der woodsen: serena is the it girl of the upper east side. Rufus humphrey: rufus is dan and jenny’s father chuck bass and vanessa dating. Bliar waldrof: blair is the ultimate queen bee. Charlie rhodes: charlie is serena and eric’s long lost cousin whose mother forbid her from taking part in the upper east side world. Eric van der woodsen: eric is serena’s younger brother.   create a free websiteimdb 8 hours ago some parts of this page won t work property. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Her best friend is blair waldorf though they have a falling out after serena mysteriously disappears to boarding school. Check in gossip girl and surveillance main characters: vanessa abrams: vanessa is dan humphrey’s childhood friend from brooklyn who, despite attempts to resist, gets mixed into the scandals of the upper east side. After his father bart unexpectedly dies, he takes control of his father’s company. Dan humphrey: dan humphrey’s character begins as an outsider of the exclusive upper east side world. Although her and nate start dating, her and serena don’t get along. Everyone who is anyone follows her, sends her tips and appears on her blog. Her group of minions do her bidding as she enjoys the finer riches of elite life all why wearing her signature headband. Jude school for boys filled with elites, he is no one until he begins to date the most popular girl in new york city, serena van der woodsen.   jenny humphrey: jenny, dan’s seemingly innocent younger sister, becomes infatuated by the elite’s wealth, privilege and power dynamics that differ from her life in brooklyn. He is a former rocker who now owns an art gallery in brooklyn. After her death of her latest husband bart, chuck bass’ father, she eventually realizes she still has feelings for her former lover rufus humphrey and they get married. Juliet sharp: juliet becomes friends with the main characters during their college years as a fellow student at nyu. Much of the drama featured on both the gossip girl blog and in the show’s plot centers around her boyfriend drama with childhood sweetheart nate archibald, bad boy love interest chuck bass and bizarre new romance with dan humphrey, her previous arch nemesis. Over the season, it is revealed that juliet is out to get serena because of something serena did to her family in the past. His main role in the plot is to accompany eric. His manipulative and conniving ways feed many plot lines along with his on again off again romance with fellow protagonist blair waldorf. Imdb 8 hours ago some parts of this page won t work property.

Lily has many secrets and scandals of her own including a stint under house arrest.   nate archibald: nate is the hunk of the upper east side born into the prestigious vanderbilt family. Everything comes to her easily as she is wealthy, beautiful and adult no credit card webcam.
. She is beautiful and ruthless, ruling constance billard prep school as though she was a sergeant in the army. Lily van der woodsen: lily is serena and eric’s mother who has been remarried several times and is very focused on money and high society. Although he has always been attending the st. Gossip girl: although invisible, gossip girl’s narrations and posts are a key component of the show. He enters the show having just unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide. She wreaks havoc on the upper east side all the while remaining anonymous. He also has the ability to hack into the gossip girl server. Over the course of the seasons he comes out and becomes good friends with jenny humphrey. After a series of dramatic incidences, jenny gets exiled to hudson, new york to live with her mother and start over again without all the bad influences of the upper east side. Subsequently, her past and present drama serves as the main subject of many of gossip girl’s posts and the show’s plot including her affair with blair’s boyfriend nate archibald as well as other dark secrets. Serena’s return to the upper east side at the beginning of the series is the talk of the city. .Milo ventimiglia and alexis bledel dating again.Black dating interracial open woman.

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