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For example, the custom format string for the invariant culture is mmmm dd international dating format. Parseexact methods, which require an input string to exactly conform to a particular pattern for the parse operation to succeed. The pattern reflects a defined standard (iso 8601), and the property is read-only. Your application can change the result produced by some standard date and time format specifiers by changing the corresponding date and time format patterns of the corresponding datetimeformatinfo property. Using system; public class example { public static void main() { datetime dat = new datetime(2009, 6, 15, 13, 45, 30, datetimekind. Createspecificculture( en-us ))); // displays 4/10/2008 6:30 am console. Writeline( {0} ({1}) --> {0:o}\n , ldat, ldat. Createspecificculture( fr-fr ))); // displays jeudi 10 avril 2008 06:30:00 dim date1 as date = #4/10/2008 6:30am# console. Tostring( d , culture)) displays 15/3/2008 you can pass a datetimeformatinfo object that provides formatting information to a method that has an iformatprovider parameter.

The custom format specifier returned by the datetimeformatinfo. Although the result string should express a time as coordinated universal time (utc), no conversion of the original datetime value is performed during the formatting operation international dating format. Invariantinfo)) displays 04/10/2008 06:30 console. // display using current (en-us) culture s short date format datetime thisdate = new datetime(2008, 3, 15); console. // round-tripped 4/12/2008 9:30:00 am -08:00 to 4/12/2008 9:30:00 am -08:00. The custom format specifier that is returned by the datetimeformatinfo. Createspecificculture( en-us ))); // displays thursday, april 10, 2008 console. Touniversaltime method before you perform the formatting operation. Standard format string u yyyy - mm - dd hh : mm : ss z standard format strings can also be used in parsing operations with the datetime.

Standard date and time format strings can be used with both datetime and datetimeoffset values. Fffffffk custom format string) takes advantage of the three ways that iso 8601 represents time zone information to preserve the kind property of datetime values: the time zone component of datetimekind. These strings correspond to custom format strings defined by the invariant culture.age club dating gender location member mom snoop united wahms.
. Shorttimepattern properties of some cultures may not make use of all properties. The o or o standard format specifier (and the yyyy - mm - dd t hh : mm : ss. For example, the custom format string for the invariant culture is hh:mm:ss. .Interesting questions to ask someone you39re dating.Free no signup mobile adult chat dirty talk.

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