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Eventargs) mar 27, 2007 03:52 pm|whiz_bit|link i am trying to develop a simple cart in asp.     dim objconn as new oledbconnection(configurationsettings updating dataset using datagrid. Databind() end sub sub dgcart_delete(s as object, e as datagridcommandeventargs) objcartdt. Add( prtwidth , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Add( prtheight , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Also, if i add a row in code, the new row does not appear in the datagridview control, although it is certainly added to the underlying database, and it appears in the datagridview if i reload my application: private sub bindingnavigatordeleteitem_click(byval sender as system. Add( quantity , gettype(integer)) objcartdt. Add( imgaspect , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Databind() end sub sub dgcart_cancel(s as object, e as datagridcommandeventargs) dgcart. Databind() end sub sub dgcart_update(s as object, e as datagridcommandeventargs) dim txtquantity as textbox dim intcartid as integer intcartid = dgcart updating dataset using datagrid. 1, i have a datagrid i am using to display a dataset. Add( imgwidth , gettype(integer)) objcartdt.

Itemindex dim intcartid as integer intcartid = dgcart. Add( prtarea , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Cellendedit however, when i use the code below to delete a row, two rows are actually deleted. Add( cartid , gettype(integer)) objcartdt. Rows if objdr( cartid ) = intcartid then objdr( quantity ) = int32. For example, if i edit a cell of the datagridview, all works well with the following code: private sub dg_cases_cellendedit(byval sender as system. Text = £ & getitemtotal() end sub sub createcart() objcartdt = session( cart ) if objcartdt is nothing then objcartdt = new datatable( cart ) objcartdt.   i am having trouble using the update function of the datagrid, rather than reading the value changed value in the textbox it just reads the default value for the textbox. Add( txtfilename , gettype(string)) session( cart ) = objcartdt end if end sub sub dgcart_edit(s as object, e as datagridcommandeventargs) dgcart. Add( lntotal , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Add( prtcharge , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Databind() end sub   and the code for the datagrid:  .

Datagridviewcelleventargs) handles dg_cases. Rows if objdr( cartid ) = intcartid then previewpath = objdr( txtfilename ) exit for end if next lblimg. Datagridview not updating everything works fine, and data is updating properly in the underlying database.totally freeadultsex dating sites.
. Appsettings( dsn )) dim objda as oledbdataadapter dim objds as new dataset() dim objdr as datarow dim objcartdt as datatable dim previewpath as string sub page_load() createcart() dgcart. Add( prttot , gettype(decimal)) objcartdt. Add( imgheight , gettype(integer)) objcartdt. Add( itemid , gettype(integer)) objcartdt. Findcontrol( txtquantity ) for each objdr in objcartdt. Imgsrc= & previewpath & &width=150&height=0 dgcart. However, changes to the dataset that i make in code does not appear in the datagridview. .Are brian melo and tara oram still dating.

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updating dataset using datagrid

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