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If you re interested in working with strings have a look at http://www. I m a bit new here, still trying to navigate my way around. *s ) { return 0; } for ( ; *s; ++s ) { if ( validating user input in c. This is what i m looking for, as i need the choose a shape prompt to appear following invalid selection validating user input in c. After removing the string data in the text array and initializing it at bufziz. I don t think most standard compilers support programmers with more than 4 red boxes - misplaced it is my sacred duity to stand in the path of the flood of ignorance and blatant stupidity. I also attempted to initialise the text array as a normal char. \n ); } } do like this,add choice 4 for exit: do { scanf( %d ,&choice); int flag=0; if(choice==1||choice==2||choice==3) { printf( enter the radius, r\n ); } else { printf( invalid selection, choose again. Strtok is another one you might be interested in using. Cylinder\n ); while(1) { scanf( %d ,&choice); if(choice==1||choice==2||choice==3) { printf( enter the radius, r\n ); //maybe read the radius here scanf( %d ,&radius); break; } else printf( invalid selection, choose again. H> int alpha_only ( const char *s ) { if (. Doesn t it help the greater good to have this discussion on the thread vice existing in pms. It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct one.

You will nearly certainly need another loop to prevent the input of negative values for the radius, so do not prompt for it in the same loop. Yes : no ); } return 0; } /* my output alphasonly : yes abc123 : no : no 123abc : no 1a2b3c : no hello world : no */ 7. } yes, people have complained about goto so let me justify it some more. Cylinder\n ); scanf( %d ,&choice); if(choice==1||choice==2||choice==3) { break; } printf( invalid selection, choose again. String validation string validation can anybody give me a simple example of a string validation whereby i would validate a string of chars. In the program, the user has to choose a number, either 1, 2 or 3. If you need help pm me and i ll explain how it works. With typedef, enum, and static, well, i m still getting there. Here is how i percieved the answer: code: #include #include #include #include void getline(char**); int validate(char*); int main ( void ) { char* text = null; printf( enter a string: ); getline(&text); printf( %s - %s \n , text, validate(text). I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out with this one. ); // successfully exit return 0; } 540 if you need help pm me and i ll explain how it works. I know you won t believe me on this one but the truth is i scrapped it. I checked through the faqs but it was a little bit over my head.

540 alright, i ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Well, show your latest attempt and i will be glad to help. You specify a delimiting character, and when used in a loop, it will separate out all the substrings spearated by that character.list of woman picture 50 germany dating.
. Isalpha ( *s ) ) { return 0; } } return 1; } int main ( void ) { const char *text[] = { alphasonly , abc123 , , 123abc , 1a2b3c , hello world , }; size_t i; for ( i = 0; i < sizeof text / sizeof *text; ++i ) { printf( \ %s\ : %s\n , text [ i ], alpha_only ( text [ i ] ). Yes : no ); return 0; } void getline(char** message) { int ch, len = 0; while((ch = getchar()). However, i m having alot of trouble adopting this to a string that is inputed by the user. I have no idea of how to send pms in this forum yet code: #include #include int alpha_only ( const char *s ) { if (. \n ); flag=1; } } while(flag==1&& choice. My intention is to validate that an array is composed of alphas only. You cannot simply use break here (which is an unlabeled goto to begin with) because of the switch statement. .Sex cam live mother hot 100 free.Free adult webcam to webcamchatrooms no registration.

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validating user input in c

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