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I know that the charge -> melee hit can be my own fault. I use charge and intimidating shout and nearly the same time so i won t be able to see it crits before i cast intimidating shout. Should heroic leap don t inflict any damage and apply a root effect. (this would also fix the problems with leap for a bit) keep the thread constructive, thanks alicë 85 draenei warrior +1 for this topic. If this melee hit crits it will inflict deep wounds. (this would also fix the problems with leap for a bit) keep the thread constructive, thanks alicë 85 draenei warrior +1 for this topic. Intimidating shout class development [closed] 7.

Meaning = your main target still runs in fear = serious issue desired situation : your main target should recieve only the cowering in fear debuff,if you hit it - the effect should instantly break all other targets should just flee arround in fear contributor. Now here is my issue: if i charge my (set focus) target i might hit him with a melee hit. As i said before the smallest amount of damage breaks intimidating shout, so also that 500-700 ticking deepwounds. Here is a little something i would like to add to the picture: first you need a target in order to use the ability. I completely support everything said by frinn. Should intimidating shout break upon for example 5k damage. Meaning=target should stay in your range (the incapacitated target),all other targets should run away in fear but the target you picked by clicking the ability should stay at 1xplace-if you hit it,fear breaks.

Secondly it causes the target to become incapacitated for 8 seconds (any damage, i. Even tho this might be my own mistake i give him a melee hit i ll give you another example: if i leap towards the target i am about to use intimidating shout on, the heroic leap aoe might crit my target, inflicting deep wounds. 3 ptr feedback looking for players – pvp role-playing quests & achievements arenas aerie peak twilight s hammer / agamaggan et american online dating sites.
. Aggramar blade s edge bloodfeather darkmoon faire doomhammer thunderhorn / wildhammer i have some issues with intimidating shout you probably have already noticed that intimidating shout breaks upon the smallest amount of damage inflicted on the intimidated target. I would love to see the leap damage changed, as it doesn t only break intimidating shout on crit. But there is absolutely nothing i can do about that leap crit wow intimidating shout focus. .

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wow intimidating shout focus

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